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I joined this fitness center mostly because the child care can't be beat! I love how they will change diapers, feed, and give them something to drink (if you provide all these things of course!). I also love that they have a bouncy house, lots of toys, video games for the older kids, and a closed off area for little babies. I also love that I can watch my kid on camera from any cardio machine (did I mention there's one at every one?). And the fact that you can pay a little extra to drop your kid off while the parents can go and get dinner or watch a movie every third Saturday of the month also with every Friday and brunch a few times a week. The girls that watch the kids are all super friendly as well. As for the gym itself, they have plenty of machines though I wish there were a couple of more squat racks. Locker rooms are great! Love that there is free towel service (though they can smell strongly like bleach). Haven't tried any of the classes yet but like all the options there are. They have smoothie bar and I think i heard or read somewhere that there is free coffee for the early morning crowd. The prices are also good, very reasonable compared to many other gyms (cough, UFC, 24 hour...). Overall, gonna stick with gym as long as they keep up with the great childcare!

Luisa A.- Scottsdale Shea

I've been going to mountainside for about 6 years. I was super excited about the new location opening. The moment I walk into this mountainside I am greeted with smiles and feel welcomed right away. The customer service is great! The facility is so beautiful, clean, bright and cheery! I absolutely love the classes, especially the yoga and the instructors. I feel like I'm in a spa while I'm working out. I definitely recommend this gym! :)

Michelle K. - Arrowhead

This is a great gym. It has everything you need for a great workout. The staff is helpful and polite. The locker rooms are very clean which is a big plus. There is a steam room and dry sauna. Probably the best part about this gym for me as is the childcare. This gym has the best childcare of any gym in the PHX area. No reservations or calling ahead to bring in my kid which was a big turn off at other gyms. The staff got to know my daughter quickly and I felt good about letting her stay there. They also have a date night with the childcare at this gym which is AMAZING! This gym gets stars for being a great gym but the childcare is the best part for us. The only thing I wish it had were a heated lap pool and a whirlpool but that would probably make it cost more.

Grant V. - Desert Ridge

Everyone is welcoming and their personality is always bright! I feel like Mountainside Fitness is my home away from home. I come here to de-stress and it’s nice to be greeted by the staff at the front but also by the trainers. The equipment is well maintained, and everything is clean! I love my gym!

Jessica N. - Scottsdale Pavilions

I am a member for over 3 years. Staff is friendly and professional. Love the personal trainers. Especially Jerame! (maybe dont use his name for spelling concern) I have made friends with several others at the gym and look forward to seeing them both in and out of the gym. Plus I am healthier and feel terrific for an “old” lady!!

Margaret C. - Mesa Member

Personal training is really important to my husband and me. We are very pleased with Jacob. He has taught us so much about the right form and nutrition. He educates us on the services at the gym, including the supplements, nutritionist, etc. The team at Mountainside seems to work well and are caring and professional…always smiles!

Yvonne S. - N. Phoenix

I have been a member since 2005. I enjoy the staff and other members I have grown to know. I like the equipment and the convenience of location. I always recommend to patients, friends and colleagues.

Casey N. - Gilbert Member 10+ years

I joined the last month and have been super happy. It's super clean, equipment is in great shape (no broken plastic handles you can find in other gyms, etc), and there's a big variety of equipment. There are a lot of classes. I haven't taken lots but the ones I have attended - instructors are great, positive and take the time to assist individuals. I go in the morning and the gym hasn't been overly packed - even with everyone's January resolutions. I think it's a great value for the membership fee. I could pay less at other gyms but they don't have all the extras this gym offers - towel service, well-kept equipment, great hours, well-staffed, etc. Plus a lot of extras I haven't tried - yet. Even signed up for personal training. The Manager put me through a basic workout and there was no high pressure sales to get me to sign. I think the personal training prices are competitive and love my trainer.

Joann C. Scottsdale Pavilions

Beautiful facility best in the whole state offering all the amenities and programs one could think of. Convenient location and the price are outrageously reasonable for what you get. I’m fairly new but look forward to using all they have to offer. Stop wasting your money anywhere else if you’re looking for a full-service fitness facility.

Michael M. Desert Ridge

This gym is great, I've been a member for five years. It's very family friendly. The staff is very helpful, the gym is clean, and they provide towels. What more can you ask for? Also, after almost collapsing of low blood sugar, I was lucky enough to go to the gyms cafe to get a snack and smoothie! Which tasted awesome by the way. I was shocked when I read some of these negative reviews on the staff and manager, because I feel nothing but positive vibes whenever I walk in and see their smiling faces!

A.D. Scottsdale Shea

I love the variety of group fitness, spin & yoga classes. Great instructors who really focus on correct form & are encouraging the members to give 100% effort. I now have many friends & neighbors also becoming members. We appreciate the clean & large size locker rooms & towel service too!

Diane J. Peoria

I love this gym. Everything about it and it seems to just keep getting better every time I go. If you want a pool or basketball court, this gym doesn't have it. I don't care for either of those things but it certainly has everything else. Plenty of room to workout and even on peak hours it never seems that busy. I have always found space to get my workout in without having to wait for machines or weights. From kettle bells to a sled pusher, you can get as creative or mild as you want. So many options for your workout. To top it off, the staff is ALWAYS welcoming and kind and the child care is better than any place I've been too. The girls make you feel like your child matters...not just another number. Their prices are slightly higher than most gyms, but between my membership and childcare it was only a $8 difference with 24 hours prices. Also mountainside childcare hours are open all day when 24's are limited to peak hours. They also gave me my first month of child care free to see how my kid liked it and zero initiation fees. This gym is well worth the price.

Kim S. Scottsdale Pavilions

This gym is so fantastic and the staff is great. Very clean and everything looks super organized especially the way the towels are folded on the front desk. The staff really cares about the members who come in and all of them greet everyone so nicely. I personally love Amber there, she works both cafe and front desk. She makes the best the shakes and knows exactly what I want as soon as I walk up to the bar. This is such a wonderful environment and I always look forward to going here. Love M fit!!!!!!!!

Brooke C. Scottsdale Shea

Always clean, and inviting. The staff is fantastic. Rod remembers my name! I love the rock wall climbing, especially with my kids. The childcare center is the best in the world and the staff is terrific. Mountainside is like my every day mans country club and spa!

Daniel G. N. Phoenix

Mountainside Desert Ridge is a top notch facility that is conveniently located down the street from my house. They offer lots of different classes and a fun environment for my children. I mainly stick to the weights and cardio equipment but my wife enjoys the freedom the childcare and diverse classes being offered.

Michael O. Desert Ridge

I love how clean the facility is. It doesn’t smell like a locker room. They have a large assortment of machines and equipment. All the staff is amazing and the childcare facility is definitely different than any other gyms in the area. My kids beg to come every day!

Victoria A. Surprise

Mountainside Fitness is the only gym I will go too! I like the fact that its a gym and has a spa like feeling to it. Staff is always very friendly and helpful. Overall I will be a member for life :)

Isabella H. - Platinum Ice Den

Mountainside has all the best that a much more expensive gym has to offer. Great equipment, amenities, and staff and never crowded!

Raquel Lopez - Platinum Chase Field

This is the best gym I have ever attended and I have attended many! You have the best classes, instructors, equipment, clean atmosphere and friendly helpful staff. You have made my goals and workouts a success! I really enjoy going to the gym here!

Amanda A. - Scottsdale Pavilions