All guests over 18 simply sign in at the check-in desk when the member checks in. All guests between the ages of 12 and 17 must have a signed parent waiver on file in order to work out as a guest. Waivers must be signed in person and witnessed by an employee.

Guest passes are tracked electronically in your membership, just bring your guest in with you and check in. If your guest will not be accompanied by you, a guest authorization waiver must be on file to use a guest pass.

On the website, under the “membership” section there is a 5 day pass that can be printed and redeemed and any location. You must show an Arizona ID to redeem your 5 day pass.

Sunday is “Family Free Day” where you can bring friends or family in as a guest and not use a guest pass.

You can check in at the front desk by name or with the Mountainside Fitness app!

Approximately once a month we give parents the opportunity to catch dinner, a movie, or just a little time alone. Parents night out is held on the third Saturday of every month. Dates and times are posted in childcare. Dinner and drinks are provided. A small fee and age restrictions apply.

We are open from 6am to 2pm on all major holidays. We are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

We offer periodic membership specials and with or without a special the memberships are always value priced. Please contact the club nearest you and speak to Member Service for specifics.

We offer month to month, 18 month, and Annual Paid in Full memberships. In addition we offer individual, couple and family plans.

Month to month and 18 month memberships are billed on the 1st of each month on the credit card or bank account of your choice.

Month to month and 18 month memberships may be held for up to 3 months at a time for $10 per month for an individual, $15 for a couple and $20 for a family. Holds are processed at your local club.

All month to month and 18 month memberships (after the 18 month term) can be cancelled in the club. If a membership is cancelled in writing by the last day of the month, the billing will be stopped for the following month.

Memberships can be transferred to another person for a $50 fee. The original member simply needs to sign a form at the club giving consent to allow the membership to be transferred.

All month to month and 18 month memberships are capable of having café, proshop, and programming purchases charged to them. Your purchases will be charged with your next month’s dues.

Many locations offer 85 classes a week or more at no additional cost. Specialty classes like Gravity, Boot Camp, and Reformer Bar Pilates are available for a modest fee.

We offer all new members a one hour fitness consultation with a certified personal trainer.

Many locations offer tanning on site. Clubs that have tanning have HEX brand high pressure stand up beds that run 12 minutes maximum. Unlimited tanning is only $25 per month.

Every Sunday 2-4pm children 3 and older are allowed to play with a parent or guardian. Children must stay in basketball court. Check with your club to verify days and times as they can vary slightly.

If you bring a child as a guest you must have a guardianship form filled out by the child’s parents and signed by both parents. This needs to be witnessed by our childcare staff. You may opt to have the signatures notarized off site. The temporary guardian must be 18 or older. You will pay $3 per hour for your guests. Only children registered under your agreement are included in your monthly childcare membership.

We welcome children from newborn to 11 years old. All children under the age of 12 are not permitted elsewhere in the gym and must remain in the childcare.

There is a 2 hour time limit in childcare per visit, no exceptions. If you choose to use the facility more than once per day, you must have at least a 2 hour break between visits.