Finding your Yoga Class, at Mountainside Fitness

Thinking about trying yoga at Mountainside Fitness? Here are a few simple tips to support you in choosing the class that feels like the best fit for your personal intention:

Level 1 – Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga. All levels of ability are welcome and encouraged to attend, including beginners! Yoga will introduce you to the fundamental postures at a mellow pace, giving you plenty of time to enter, experience and exit each posture. Take time to gain a comfortable relationship with your breath, body awareness and transitions- from pose to pose. This is a great class to improve circulation, flexibility and create an overall sense of well being, in a gentle setting.

Restorative Yoga is perfect for anyone and everyone looking to relax! This style of yoga incorporates the usage of props to support you in longer holds. Long holds combined with deep breathing, allow you to sink deeper into your postures and support the mind-body in opening up, for more space and serenity. This is also the perfect class for letting
go of physical tension and habitual thought patterns, in a passive environment. Yin Yoga is similar to Restorative Yoga in that the holds are longer, however Yin Yoga can be more challenging at times. Yin Yoga is known for generating heat and breathing through more active holds. Select this class if you want to open up physically and mentally!

Level 2 – Flow Yoga is a perfect class for anyone that loves the benefits of yoga and is seeking more physical fitness and exercise. This class will move at a faster pace and begin to introduce you to a wider variety of postures, finding a balance between relaxing and strengthening. This style of yoga is open to all levels, as modifications will always be offered and this environment provides an opportunity for growth.

Level 3 – Power Yoga is great for those that have tried a Level 1 and Level 2 class and ready for a big push! This style will include more advanced postures and physically challenging sequences! This is a perfect environment for individuals who find relaxations as a result of hard work. Great for athletes!
And, most importantly – Have fun! Yoga is your break from work and home, so we show up, do the best we can, enjoy the breathing and the movement!

We hope to see you in yoga soon. Yoga mats, blocks and blankets are available for your use at each location.


by Ashley Colloton Loescher, MSF Yoga Instructor