Why Your Workout Isn’t Working

By Jessica Hunter\r\n\r\nYour alarm goes off, and it is 5:45am. You get up, throw on your workout gear and hit the gym. You run for an hour, or maybe participate in your favorite group fitness class, then hit the showers and head to work. Sound familiar?\r\n

Break The Cycle

\r\nRoutine is rarely a dirty word, but when it comes to getting the most out of your workout, that is exactly what it is. While a workout routine can keep you motivated and get you in good shape, in the long run, it can also hurt the rate at which you see a marked improvement once you plateau.\r\n\r\nHave you noticed how that hour long run on the treadmill, or spin class gets easier over time? That isn’t a good thing! Your physical activity at the gym should feel like work…Hence why it is called a workout! It shouldn’t become an accustomed fitness routine that no longer challenges your body and your mind.\r\n

Embrace Muscle Confusion

\r\nRemember the first time you ran your butt off or did a killer cardio class and the next day it hurt to walk? That is because your muscles were confused about what just happened, and your body was tearing down the old to repair and build new and improved muscles to handle the workload.\r\n\r\nIn fact, “Muscle Confusion” is a good thing. It keeps your body guessing and prevents the muscles from falling into a routine that eventually they can handle without the need to tear and repair.\r\n\r\nAnother important fact to help you maximize your workout is the need to do things in the correct order. By lifting and doing strength training before your cardio, you will actually increase the amount of calories you are burning. That’s right, a 30 minute weight training session will double the amount of calories you are burning!\r\n\r\nNot only that, but strength training is the gift that keeps on giving. The pain you feel as your muscles tear down and rebuild come with a bonus: they are burning extra calories!\r\n

Don’t Avoid The Essentials

\r\nWeight training is an essential part of working out. For those of you who want to tone without adding mass, and as such avoid weights like the plague (for fear of looking like a bulked up beet farmer), you are actually losing out on a huge area of opportunity to slim down and define your muscles.\r\n\r\nDon’t be afraid to question why your workout isn’t working and embrace a variety of fitness routines in order to benefit your workout results. Need help getting acquainted with and navigating the weight room? The Core Concepts trainers at Mountainside Fitness do a great job of creating workouts that will help you achieve the results you are looking for.\r\n\r\nMy trainer, Sean, at the Pavilions location, really listens to my goals and keeps things interesting for me, because he knows I am a big fan of CrossFit and interval training.\r\n\r\nTo schedule a personal training session or your free consultation, visit the Core Concepts Personal Training desk at your favorite location, and check out the extensive fitness class schedules for the location nearest you.\r\n\r\nAnd to mix up your fitness routine even more, learn more about Barre classes and yoga classes, and incorporate crunches and lunges into your workouts.\r\n\r\nJessica is a Mountainside Fitness member and blogger. You can read her blog here, and follow her on Instagram & Twitter @chicdisheveled.