Why It’s Important to Work on Your Core

\n\nWhen putting together a fitness program of any kind, most people choose workouts depending on exactly what they’re trying to accomplish at the time. Are you trying to increase your upper body strength and build the types of arms that will look visually impressive? It makes sense to focus on lifting weights. Despite this, many people make a very basic mistake that can have disastrous results for their goals: they forget to pay proper attention to the core.\n\nCore exercises are one of the most important elements of any well rounded workout routine for a wide range of different reasons. Commonly defined as the muscles located in the center of your body around your pelvis and stomach area (hence the name), your core is essentially the fulcrum of your body. You can actively engage it in a wide range of different ways each week depending on your preferences.\n

Why Is It So Important to Work on Your Core?

\nWhen you head to one of the many Scottsdale gyms to work on your core, what you’re doing is training the muscles in your lower back, your hips, your abdomen and in the surrounding areas to all work in tandem with one another. When one of these muscles does something, the others have a similar reaction – thus creating a core group of muscles that is expertly working in unison at all times. This will in turn improve your balance and stability pretty significantly – not just while you’re on the football field or while you’re at the gym, but also during your daily life.\n\nIn essence, having a strong set of core muscles will make your ability to do just about everything easier. You’ll swing a baseball bat harder, you’ll have an easier time bending down to tie your shoes, etc. Strong core muscles will also naturally improve your posture, which is particularly important for avoiding lower back pain and certain types of muscle issues as you get older.\n\nThat’s not to say that all of the benefits of strong core muscles are purely functional. Core exercises are also a cornerstone of getting that perfect physique that you’ve always wanted. Core exercises are a fantastic way to help define your abs, for example, by helping your body both to burn fat in that area and strengthen the muscles underneath.\n\nMake no mistake: a happy, healthy and properly functioning body depends on a stable core in order to survive each day.\n

How Do You Work on Your Core?

\nIf you want to give your core the good workout it deserves, you can do this in a wide range of different ways depending on your preferences. One of the best ways is by doing a quick exercise called the Knee Fold Tuck. With this technique, you sit with your hands on the floor and your knees bent upward. Take some type of ball (like the type of rubber ball you probably used to play kick ball with on the playground at school) and place it between your knees. While squeezing the ball, bring your knees upward towards your shoulders and back down to the starting position again. Repeat this between 15 and 20 times for the best results.\n\nCertain types of crunches are also a great way to actively engage your core on your own terms. The Side Balance Crunch is one particularly invaluable weapon that you’ll have in your arsenal for this goal. Start by placing your left knee and your left hand on the floor, while putting your right arm straight up in the air. Next, extend your right leg so that your body forms a completely straight line that is parallel to the floor. Bring that right knee and right arm inward towards your body and then push them back out again. Repeat this movement with each side of your body around 10 times and then switch.\n\nPlanks are also among the absolute best ways to work on your core and are also something that you can easily do right from the comfort of your own home. With the Circle Plank, for example, you start on the floor in a plank position with your abs clenched as tightly as possible. You pull your right knee inward towards the body and make circles with it, all while keeping the rest of your body stationary. After doing this a few times, you switch legs. The results and major core benefits will speak for themselves soon enough.