The Wake Up Workout: Start off Right

Jump out of bed tomorrow and start your day off right with this wake up workout. A quick and easy workout in the morning boosts your energy level, cognitive ability, mood, and the best benefit of all tones and improves your body. It may be hard to get yourself to try this workout at first, but after you try it you will instantly reap the benefits. If you typically shower in the morning, you can increase the difficulty and therefore sweat more. If you do not typically shower in the morning, this workout can be done at a low intensity to ensure you do not feel dirty or sweaty after completing it. Furthermore, this workout can be modified to fit your fitness level- just increase or decrease the amount of repetitions you do for each move. Although this morning workout can be modified, make sure to still challenge yourself.\r\n\r\nThis wake up workout contains a variety of cardio and strength training exercises to warm up your muscles and also tone them.\r\nExercise 1: Jumping Jacks\r\nRepetitions: 65\r\nForm of Exercise: Cardio, Body Warm Up\r\n\r\nExercise 2: Invisible Jump Rope\r\nRepetitions: 2 Minutes\r\nForm of Exercise: Cardio, Body Warm Up, Fat Burner\r\n\r\nExercise 3: Bicycle Crunches\r\nRepetitions: 40\r\nForm of Exercise: Strength; Abs, core.\r\n\r\nExercise 4: Burpees\r\n\r\nRepetitions: 10-15\r\nForm of Exercise: Cardio, Fat Burning\r\n\r\nExercise 5: Ab Planks\r\nRepetitions: 1 Minute\r\nForm of Exercise: Strength; Abs, core.\r\n\r\nExercise 6: Mountain climbers\r\nRepetitions: 40, 20 each leg.\r\nForm of Exercise: Strength and Cardio; Abs, core, legs\r\n\r\nExercise 7: Wall Sits\r\nRepetitions: 1 Minutes\r\nForm of Exercise: Strength; legs, glutes\r\n\r\nExercise 8: Ab V Ups\r\nRepetitions: 15\r\nForm of Exercise: Strength; Abs, core, legs\r\n\r\nExercise 9: Squats\r\nRepetitions: 35\r\nForm of Exercise: Strength and Cardio; Cool Down, legs, glutes.\r\n\r\nExercise 10: Stretch\r\nRepetitions: 2 Minutes\r\nForm of Exercise: Cool Down\r\n\r\nReminder: Do not injure yourself attempting to do this workout. If this is too much of a challenge to you, do as much as your body will allow and slowly over time you will improve and this will become easier. Another tip: if you do not want to waste workout clothes for a quick morning workout, sleep in something that can also double as workout clothing. That way, you can wake up and begin your workout right away! Following this workout, make sure to eat a healthy breakfast! Some examples of great post-workout meals include: eggs, oatmeal, yogurt and fruit, protein shake, smoothie, teas, and WATER! It is important to start out your day hydrated.\r\nReferences: Lean It Up