Does technology help or harm fitness?

More now than ever, technology has the ability to assist, facilitate, and monitor fitness. Numerous health apps and fitness devices on the market exist to help facilitate and improve your workout. However, technology can both harm and help your workout. Here’s how:\r\n\r\nHELP\r\nKnowledge: phones and computers give you instant access to tips and tricks on nutrition and fitness plans.\r\n\r\nAccessible: various free mobile applications exist to help monitor what you eat and how much you are exercising.\r\nRecords and Results: Fitness devices such as the Fit Bit or Apple Watch constantly monitor various health aspects without having to input them yourself.\r\nMotivation: technology can motivate you. I.e. Seeing other fitness celebrities or fitness/nutrition role models on social media.\r\nShare your success: technology enables you to share with your friends and family your knowledge and success on fitness and health topics via blogs, social media, videos, photos, and more.\r\n\r\nHARM\r\n\r\nDistraction: technology devices and mobile applications can often disrupt your workout or physical exercise. Technology is at a touch of the finger with smart phones, therefore making it difficult to focus solely on working out.\r\nDiscouraging: social media, celebrities, and other fitness role models may also discourage you from achieving results because of the high standards they set. You may feel the need to compare yourself to these online characters rather than focusing on your own improvements.\r\nBurden: lugging phones or other devices around can be a burden. Using your phone during your workout for music/social media apps can make it a challenge to focus on your workout. Your focus will turn towards how to carry the device or where to store it during your workout. Various products on the market, such as arm bands or bluetooth headphones, ensure your device does not disrupt your workout.\r\nCostly: depending on the technology that you use during your workout, it can be expensive. Fit bits, Apple watches, and various mobile applications usually come at a cost. If you plan to use technology to assist your workout, prepare to include this cost into your fitness budget.