Spring Cleaning!

Healthy detoxing can be a beneficial way\r\nto recharge and cleanse your body.

\r\n\r\nThere are simple steps you can take to incorporate some purifying fruits and vegetables into your daily routine. These steps provide a healthy, natural and safe way to detox your body without depriving it of essential nutrients.\r\n\r\nThis week we will enjoy the nutritional benefits of avocado, kale, mint, asparagus and lemon. Try these detoxifying smoothies in place of a meal or snack. Here are some great recipes that can boost your immunity, energy and most of all help cleanse your body.\r\n\r\nAvocado and Berry Smoothie\r\n¼ avocado\r\n½ cup of red raspberries\r\n½ cup of blackberries\r\n1 whole banana\r\n½ cup water\r\n\r\nKale, Kiwi and Orange Smoothie\r\n1 orange, peeled\r\n1 kiwifruit\r\n2 cups organic kale\r\n¾ cup water\r\n\r\nMint and Mango Smoothie\r\n5 to 6 fresh mint leaves\r\n1 mango, pitted\r\n3 kiwifruit\r\n3 cups fresh baby spinach\r\n1 medium stalk of celery\r\n¾ cup water\r\n\r\nAsparagus, Banana and Spinach Smoothie\r\n3 asparagus stalks\r\n1 bananas\r\n1 orange\r\n1 cups of spinach\r\n3 strawberries\r\n3 raspberries\r\n½ cup water\r\n½ cup ice\r\n\r\nLemon and Pineapple Smoothie\r\n1 cup of diced pineapple\r\n1/3 cup of lemon juice\r\n¼ cup of honey\r\n1 cup nut milk (almond)\r\n1 tablespoon Chia seed