Setting Goals with Heather Mitchell, Mountainside Fitness

We are now well into 2017 and with that comes exciting changes and goals, that I hope we are all fulfilling!

As a cycle instructor at Mountainside Fitness  I have the perfect opportunity each and every class during our “cool down” phase (which is usually about the last 5-8 minutes of class), to really buckle down and teach something of value to my people. I take full advantage of this time and really find it one of the most important moments of our entire workout. I talk about anything from health and wellness to helping others find more joy in life as they find their own routine in their fitness and health journey. A lot of my information comes from podcasts like “Fat Burning Man” or “Healthy Mom’s Podcast” or the many articles and books, I consistently read on wellness topics. We’ve also talked about growing a garden and how to get one started in your own yard or community. I feel most fulfilled when I am encouraging others to move into action with their own lives, creating it what they envision life to be!
Right before the new year hit, I mentioned some goals that will really make a big impact in their lives if implemented. I’d like to share those with you here:
1. Be very specific about your goals, especially in the health and wellness area. Write it on your mirror, in your journal, on sticky notes…wherever. You need to review this one

every single day. What do you want to look like? How many pounds do you want to lose? What size of jeans are you hoping to fit into by the end of the year? Be specific, but be realistic. It took me a couple of years of consistent work and eating healthy to lose 45lbs. Don’t set yourself up for failure by expecting big results over night!
2. Up the quality of your food and specifically the quality of your meat. Switch to grass-fed beef, organic chicken, wild caught salmon and cold fish as often as possible. You wouldn’t believe the difference this one change will have on your body. Higher quality meats are more nutrient dense and can actually help you achieve the health you’re looking for. I fully believe that food is your best medicine. Getting away from processed foods, eating more vegetables and higher quality meats is definitely the way to go!
3. Try a new recipe everyday! It really doesn’t have to be boring chicken and a veggies. Go find that Pinterest board of recipes you want to try, and mix it up. There are so many great ways to make chicken and roasted veggies. You can look forward to your meal each night! also has some great healthy recipes if you’re trying to really keep it clean!
4. Start a gratitude journal. Writing 5 minutes a day about the things you are grateful for in your life will change your mindset and outlook on the day! You’ll be encouraged and motivated to conquer whatever comes your way….this one is amazing!!! If you’re not practicing the art of gratitude each and every day in your life, you’re totally missing out! When you focus on the good, more good keeps coming! It’s the law of attraction. In fact, I purchased the “law of attraction planner” on Amazon this year, and have been working through it. It’s been an incredible change in my life that has brought more abundance in every aspect. Can’t find anything to be grateful for? Start by looking at your life and all the people in it. Who uplifts and inspires you to be better? Take it from there!
Hope you found these tips to be helpful in keeping up with your New Years goals and resolutions. Let’s make 2017 the best one yet!


-Heather Mitchell