All About Mountainside Fitness’s Childcare Center

Mountainside fitness offers excellent Childcare. Childcare centers can be found at a majority of the mountainside fitness locations except for Chase Field. Mountainside Fitness cares about its members and wants to make sure that children are welcome as well! The large childcare center is equipped with a gaming center, theater area, playhouse, and infant area. The gaming center, Game On, allows children to play on fun technology such the iPad, Xbox, Wii, and other gaming consoles. The theater area has four movie theater reclining chairs that face a flat screen TV that plays age appropriate movies for children! There is also plenty of room for them to move chairs into the theater area or sit on the floor. The infant area has multiple baby cradles as well as bouncy chairs and swings.\r\n\r\nIn addition to these various areas, the childcare center has a wide open area for children to play in. Toys such as building blocks, race tracks, and games are provided in the center. Above all, the best part about the Mountainside Fitness child care center is the staff that runs it. You will be able to leave your children in the hands of an extremely friendly, experienced, and playful staff member. Your children will look forward to spending time with our child care staff! All childcare employees are fingerprinted and background checked. This is the same for Fit Republic.\r\n\r\nAnother great perk is that the childcare is FREE with family memberships! Any mountainside fitness member who has a family memberships is able to utilize the childcare center free of charge. Hopefully this center opens up your busy schedule and makes you able fit in some workouts at Mountainside, while also adding some fun to your child’s! Next time you visit MSF check out the Childcare center and feel free to ask the staff any questions you may have. You can also check out pictures of the child care facilities on your locations Yelp Page.