How to Jump Start Your Fitness Resolutions for 2015

by Alexandra Evjen, A.V.E. Styles\r\n\r\nThis is the season of dreaming and setting goals for a new year full of positive change, but oftentimes we set goals for ourselves that are so big that we end up falling off the wagon a couple weeks into the New Year, which can lead to discouragement and depression. So, how do you make positive changes for yourself that you can actually attain and stick with for years to come? Here are three simple tips for your fitness resolutions:\r\n

1| Write down all of your fitness goals at once

\r\nMaybe it’s to lose 50 lbs, maybe it’s a flat stomach, maybe it’s to get to the gym three times a week…Whatever they are, write them all down at once time – big or small.\r\n

2| Go back through and break down your goals into smaller portions

\r\nFor example, if your goal is to go to the gym three days a week for a year, re-word your goal to say get a workout or physical activity in three times a week. That puts the pressure off always having to get through the doors of the gym because in reality we sometimes just can’t get there. This will help you avoid discouragement if you miss a day at the gym.\r\n

3| Set attainable timelines

\r\nThough you may have big dreams for big results a year from now, it’s important to stay focused on the here and now. Sometimes when we think about the long distance and the finish line is a long way off, we can get winded and question ourselves. For example (continuing with the goal of working out three times a week), set your goal for the next two weeks instead of a year. Once you have completed that goal, move your goal to the next whole month. You’ll find that after achieving your small goals for six weeks, you have created a new habit for yourself. Then you can set a bigger goal for working out three times a week for two months and so on. Before you know it the end of 2015 will be here and you will have accomplished your realistic dreams for yourself.\r\n\r\nAlexandra Evjen is a Mountainside Fitness member, fashion stylist, and blogger. Learn more about her at A.V.E. Styles.