How to Get Back Into Your Workout Routine Following a Break

by Alexandra Evjen, A.V.E. Styles\r\n\r\nIf you have ever missed a week from the gym you know that you can feel sluggish your first day back in the saddle. Often times your regular workout routine can feel a bit harder, you might move slower and you might find yourself a bit more frustrated. Here are five tips that will help you stay positive and get yourself back into the swing of things with ease:\r\n

1// Make a positive playlist to listen to while working out your first week –

\r\nYou might have a usual Spotify station or playlist that you enjoy while working out, but if you know that your first week back to the gym after a break might be hard, take some extra time to make a  feel-good list of songs.\r\n

2// Spend more time warming up –

\r\nSometimes we can find ourselves a bit stiff after a week off from the gym, and we want to make sure we avoid any injuries that can be caused without a proper warm up.\r\n

4// Spend time doing breathing exercises when you’re not at the gym –

\r\nMindful breathing can be calming and energizing to your body. It can keep you in a positive mood even if you are frustrated that you haven’t been able to get to the gym as often as you would like. When you’re in a positive mood you are more apt to choose to do great things for your body – such as going to the gym.\r\n

4// Drink plenty of water

\r\nDehydration can often be overlooked and can easily lead to feeling grumpy, lethargic and prone to headaches. When we aren’t feeling well we won’t want to go to the gym or we’ll have a less than stellar workout.\r\n

5// Get plenty of sleep

\r\nResting up before you head back to the gym is very important. When we are sleeping our bodies are repairing themselves. When are sleep deprived our immune system is at risk, we can feel grumpy and we are most apt to overeat or make choices that aren’t good for our bodies.\r\n\r\nAlexandra Evjen is a Mountainside Fitness member, fashion stylist, and blogger. Learn more about her at A.V.E. Styles.