Great Jump Rope Exercises

Everybody, Jump!

\r\nWhen I was in 3rd grade, recess was all about jump rope. Double dutch, skipping from one end of the play ground to the other, double jumps, to name a few! Little did I know that as an adult, this playful past-time would become one of my favorite exercises to date.\r\n\r\nIf you are on the road a lot or don’t make it to Mountainside Fitness as much as you would like throughout the week, a jump rope should become one of your best friends. Not only is it a full body workout, a 10 minute session also burns the same amount of calories as a 30 minute jog!\r\n

Here are some good jump rope exercise tips:



  • Have the correct size rope: Your rope should come up to your shoulders if you are stepping on the center of it.
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  • Challenge yourself: One fun thing I like to do is track my progress as far as how many times I can jump without having to start over. By having a ‘beat your best’ mentality, I find the time flies much quicker because all of your focus is on achieving your goal!
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  • Use the interval training approach: I am also big on interval training at the gym, and a great way to incorporate this into your rope routine is to time a 10 minute session where you jump at a moderate pace for two minutes then quickly for 30 seconds. No timer? Pump up your favorite tunes and increase your speed when the chorus comes on.
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Jump rope basics:

\r\n1. Only the balls of your feet should be touching the floor as you jump rope.\r\n2. Jump about 1 – 2 inches off the floor, giving your rope the room it needs to pass below your feet.\r\n3. Keep your shoulders and elbows still and let your wrists and forearms do all the work.\r\n4. Jump softly.\r\n

Now go ahead and jump rope yourself fit at the gym or on the go with some of my favorite jump rope exercise routines:


The Classic Jump:

\r\nUsing both legs, jump rope softly at a firm pace. Keep your chest lifted and shoulders down, while swinging your rope with your wrists.\r\n

The Single-Leg Jump:

\r\nIn 30 second intervals, continuously jump only using one leg. After 30 seconds, rotate to using only the other leg. Continue switching between legs for 2 minutes or as long as you can go. Position the “resting” leg lifted in front of you.\r\n

The Backward Jump:

\r\nSame as the Classic Jump, but in reverse. As with the other jumps, try to keep your jumps small and arms steady.\r\n

The Side To Side Jump:

\r\nSame as the Classic Jump, with slight modifications. As you start jumping, get into a comfortable rhythm of jumping a couple of inches to the left, followed by a couple of inches to the right on the next swing.\r\n\r\nJessica is a Mountainside Fitness member and blogger. You can read her blog here, and follow her on Instagram & Twitter @chicdisheveled.