Simple Recipe: Frozen Yogurt “Cookies”

\n\nAs summer heats up, you’ll want to make sure that your summer treat regime offers you the best of all worlds: yummy, nutritious, and not a complete bust to your healthy eating diet plan. While the classic solution to the summertime blues is an ice cream cone, think again about what you choose to treat yourself with. You don’t always have to choose a treat that’s packed with sugar and calories.\n\nThese frozen yogurt cookies are the perfect solution; frozen into small dots, yogurt can be consumed in whatever quantity you choose. You can even make them in fun and festive colors (red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July, or perhaps bright and tropical for your summer soiree). Mix them with fruit for a parfait-like dessert, and even top with fat-free cool whip for a sundae that won’t pack on the calories but will still leave you feeling satisfied.\n\nYou will need:\n


  • Sandwich-sized bags or pastry bags (one for each flavor of yogurt you are using)
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  • Scissors
  • \n

  • Spoon
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  • Baking sheet, or a large flat surface that can be left in the freezer (since metal conducts heat, it will help the cookies to cool faster)
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  • Yogurt in your choice of variety and flavor; Greek yogurt will be thicker and creamier while regular yogurt may spread quite thin once converted to cookie form
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  • Large freezer bag or plastic container for storing completed cookies
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  1. Place your cookie sheet or flat surface into the freezer to pre-cool for approximately twenty minutes. This will get it good and chilly so that your yogurt can begin the freezing process on-contact. It is a particularly good idea if you are working in a warm kitchen.
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  3. While your sheet is chilling, spoon the yogurt into your bags; you’ll want to do this one container at a time and wait until you’re ready to use each bag as you go. Try to drop the yogurt right on top of itself and in a corner of the bag to avoid air bubbles and wasted yogurt.
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  5. Work the yogurt into a clump at one corner of the bag, then snip a small hole in the tip of the bag’s corner. This will leave you with a cone of yogurt built up around an open tip.
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  7. Gently squeeze small drops of yogurt onto your baking sheet or flat surface. You will want to give the drops a bit of room so that they don’t accidentally expand into each other. Remember: the smaller your drops, the faster they will freeze.
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  9. Set pans in the freezer and freeze drops for at least three hours. While they might begin to look frozen enough to eat sooner than that, the drops will quickly melt to yogurt-state if not allowed enough time to rest in the freezer.
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  11. Once they are frozen, you may gently peel the cookies from your sheet with a spatula and store in a large gallon freezer bag or Tupperware container until you are ready to eat them.
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  13. Once you’ve tried your first round of yogurt cookies, the sky is the limit! Dip fruit in yogurt and freeze it for a surprise chewy center; try adding nuts to the top of your cookies for a little crunch; you can even press individual carob chips into each cookie for a hint of added sweetness and a pop of flavor.
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