Failure to Success!

The year was 1989; I had just been cut from a junior college baseball tryout. Crazy, I had received several out of state Division 1 scholarships but decided to stay in state to play at a junior college. No big deal play there for 2 years then go to the school I always wanted to go to – Cal State Fullerton. The Coach who cut me, said I was better than who he had there, but not so much better he’d eat another scholarship since I was a walk on. Stunned just like that the boyhood dream was over!  I came from a long line of baseball players, all the way back to the days of the Brooklyn Dodgers. To not make a junior college team was unthinkable a complete failure to me.\r\n\r\nFast forward two years, I was in my third year of college and woke up one morning with the craziest dream. As clear as I am sitting here today I saw the health club, gray carpet, white equipment with black pads, the front desk, aerobics room and even a small childcare.\r\n\r\nHave you ever had one of those dreams that seem so real you felt like you were there? Well for me it was stronger than that. I said to my girlfriend at the time I think I am going to start a health club. That was in June of 91′.  And sure enough in November of that same year, as a 22yr old kid with $2,000 to my name, I signed my first lease. A 4,800 sq. foot empty box in a shopping center named “Mountainside Plaza.” Hmm wonder where the name came from.. Guess what, I built it exactly like that dream!\r\n\r\nIt was at this time I used my failure to play college baseball as complete motivation to not fail at this. I liked working out, and had learned some business ideals running a house painting company while in college. But I quickly learned it didn’t matter at all that I liked working out, I had to LOVE owning a business and the roller coaster rides that go along with it.  I was married to it, good times and bad. Working long hours was the norm, there were even a few times before we opened I stayed awake working for 36 straight hours trying to beat a deadline. Hint, don’t try to do any electrical work on that little of sleep. I  probably should have electrocuted myself 30 times over. I often remember thinking, “if I would have worked that hard at baseball  I would never have been cut.” Funny how life works, the best thing that ever happened to me was getting cut!\r\n\r\nStay tuned… you won’t believe the crazy stories from the past 19 years.\r\n\r\nComing Soon — Pizza, Beer, and Fitness how to keep your members!