Exercise Mistakes We All Make

\nMany of us have been exercising for years – some more than others, but no matter what your routine has always been, there are very common mistakes that many people make regarding their fitness habits. Over time, they’ve stemmed from old wive’s tales, rumors, myths or even things your doctor told you that weren’t necessarily what you needed. Whatever the reason, exercise mistakes can be harmful, and you want to make sure you’re getting the most of your workout. Below are 5 exercise mistakes almost everyone makes at least one time or another:\n

1. Doing the Same Thing Every Week

\nYou may love what you do at the gym. You may love running, you may love CrossFit, you may love yoga. Regardless, you have to mix up your routine every few weeks. Even if you continue taking classes, you should do something within those classes that changes your movements. Your body adapts to whatever you’ve been doing, to that point that eventually, it stops being challenged. Challenging your body is essential to growth, change and a consistent healthy lifestyle. Small changes work, too. Do more reps, add a leg routine to your normal ab routine, adjust your inclines, adjust your weights – whatever you do, it will make a beneficial difference.\n

2. Eating Too Much Around Your Workout Time

\nThis mistake usually happens before a workout, but you have to be careful about how much you eat after a workout, as well. Before a workout, many of us don’t remember that what we eat will directly affect our fitness performance. Make sure of a few things regarding eating before a workout:\n


  • Don’t pack on the sugar; you will crash halfway through your routine
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  • Don’t eat too much. Make sure your food has digested before you start working out. When your body is digesting while working out, it burns what you’re digesting, which creates a lot of stomach pain.
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  • Fast-digesting foods are beneficial, for time and for energy level
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3. Resting Too Long

\nRegardless of how difficult that last set was, you have to keep going in a timely manner. It’s easy to lift, run or even walk and then take an extended break. It is said that you shouldn’t rest for longer time than you just worked out. If you rest too much, your workout’s calorie burn isn’t as effective, and plus – the habit is hard to break. We all enjoy an extended break. It’s a bad thing to get used to.\n

4. Not Focusing on Your Core

\nThough part of your routine rests on working out that core, you should be focusing on working it to its full range of motion. Your stomach muscles aren’t just in the front – they’re all around, and you want to stretch and challenge that entire area, or you risk losing strength and range of motion in an area that holds a lot of it. Many men, in particular, lose interest in their core and focus on just arms and lengths. It’s about a full-body workout, not just building muscle sporadically.\n

5. Taking Painkillers to Push Through

\nThis one is tempting for many of us. It’s easy to think that some pain is temporary and we just need to ignore it for awhile until it goes away. Pain is a sign that something is wrong and should be addressed carefully. Pushing through pain (or covering it up) can cause injuries. You need to be able to determine where it hurts and what needs to be done to alleviate the situation.