The Close of Healthy Lung Month: Tips that Benefit your Lungs

When most people think about exercise, the first thing that comes to mind is working toward having a buff body, rippling muscles, and a chiseled physique. While that might be true for some, exercise encompasses so much more. That’s why it’s important to remember the role our lungs play both while exercising and during our normal routines! October is Healthy Lung Month, which makes this a great time to offer tips that benefit your lungs.\r\n\r\nQuit Smoking!\r\n\r\nSmoking is an expensive habit, with the average cost of a pack of cigarettes listed at $6.28. Even if you don’t smoke a pack a day, the cost to keep up the habit can easily cost more than $1,000/year. By kicking the habit, or never starting, not only do you save money but you reap many other benefits. Those who quit smoking are better able to fight off infections, decrease their chances of emphysema, and will eventually gain back some of the shortness of breath they experience.\r\n\r\nHouse Haunters!\r\n\r\nIt seems like some of the best exercise we can get comes from the heavy lifting and moving we do while completing home improvement projects, but what we sometimes forget is that the dust we’re breathing in is pretty gross. Everything from pet dander and mold, to carbon monoxide and smoke from wood stoves can irritate your lungs. Older homes run the risk of containing asbestos, a mineral capable of causing mesothelioma, and radon, an odorless gas capable of causing lung cancer. In many cases, indications of these cancers may seem benign at first, especially symptoms of mesothelioma. However, for those who already have breathing problems like COPD, exposure to certain chemicals only makes matters worse.\r\n\r\nSimple solutions like keeping your house clean, repairing cracks in your basement, and installing carbon monoxide sensors in your home are great,effective ways to keep you and your lungs healthy.\r\n\r\nSpruce up your home!\r\n\r\nSure, you can prevent a lot of lung damage by not smoking, but did you know there are things you can do in your home to keep your lungs healthy? The air inside our homes is two to five times more polluted than the air outside. However, there are plenty of ways to not only brighten your house, but also purify indoor air safely and effectively. Houseplants are great because they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into your home, while also filtering out dangerous chemicals. Money plants and snake plants remove benzene and formaldehyde (among other chemicals) from the air, making it purer.\r\n\r\nExercise!\r\n\r\nThis one should be obvious! Exercise keeps your lungs working at their best, and it doesn’t require hours in the gym to do it. Studies show it only takes two to three days of exercise each week to improve lung health and strength. Breathing exercises go a long way in improving lung strength and function. Pursed lip breathing and belly breathing are great for removing stale air and increasing oxygen levels. This comes in handy during those last minutes on the treadmill or those final pumps on the bench!\r\n\r\nThese are only a few ways to keep you and your lungs functioning at their best. So remember, stay active, avoid smoking, and keep your home free of toxins, to breath easy for years to come!