Christmas Gifts that Promote Health and Wellness

Are you beginning to think about Christmas and the gifts you need to get for your friends and family? Shopping for loved ones can sometimes be difficult because you want to get them a present you know they will love! This holiday season think about some Christmas gifts that will promote health and wellness. Some of these gifts may be practical, which is great because they will get a lot of use! Furthermore, gifts that promote health and wellness are gifts that keep on giving because the receiver will improve their body and health with continuous use.\r\n\r\n1. Fitness Technology\r\nTechnology facilitates exercise by tracking, monitoring, and encouraging performance. It can be used to track your previous performance, workout routines, and nutrition information and compare it to your current regimens. There are many technologies on the market including, but not limited to, Jawbone fitness bands, FitBits, Apple Watches, Garmin, and many more. Do your research on these products before purchasing to ensure you pick the right one for your loved one!\r\n\r\n2. Yoga Mat\r\nA yoga mat is a great present for anyone, regardless of how often they do yoga. This item can be bought for relatively cheap, so buy one for yourself and make it a date! Many yoga studios offer free first time sessions and Mountainside Fitness always has free group fitness. Check out the schedule here when it gets closer to the holidays!\r\n\r\n3. Athletic Shoes\r\nAthletic shoes are a great present that promotes health and wellness. Customize this present for anyone by brand, style, purpose, color, and more. Athletic shoes are necessary for exercise and a multitude of other activities, so know this present will get use for many years to come!\r\n\r\n4. Workout Apparel\r\nSimilar to athletic shoes, workout apparel can be a great gift. Many people forget to shop for this line of apparel or prefer not to spend money on a snazzy gym outfit. However, with this as a present, they will be able to go to the gym feeling comfortable and in style.\r\n\r\n5. Gym Membership\r\nA gym membership is an everlasting present that is great for family! This membership will provide them with an gym community that they can call their own. In addition to the community, they will have access to numerous spa amenities and fitness equipment. To try out Mountainside Fitness Gym before purchasing a membership, check out our Five Day Pass which will give you the opportunity to explore the facilities and experience the gym!