Campaign Salary Caps

I know this seems like a weird topic from a person who owns fitness centers, but it is something that has been bugging me for a while now. However since the mid term elections just completed I feel this time is as good as any.\r\nIn professional sports we have salary caps, so that all teams have a level playing field in terms of what they can spend no matter what market they are in and how much they make. Yet in one of our most important American rights, running for public office there is NOT a level playing field. Sure they have enacted legislation limiting how much one person can donate to a particular candidate, but how does that affect how much the candidate can spend.\r\nI have an idea; each particular race should have a cap. The larger the race the higher the cap for example; State Senate race = X, Governor race = Y, Congressional race = X+Y. However, the caps would be low by today’s standards allowing more viable candidates to run.\r\nIt is mandated that all television networks must give candidates the lowest possible rates during the election period. If that can be done, then I think a salary cap should be doable. In a country where all its citizens are created equal it seems hypocritical to avoid the “campaign salary cap”. How many great public servants are passed by because they simply cannot afford to run? With so much media available, it seems that if you can “outspend” your opponents you stand the best chance of winning. I believe that it is too difficult for the American public to discern if what they see on television or read in the paper is fact or fiction.\r\nGetting elected is about bringing across your beliefs and ability to lead to your constituents. With more town hall meetings, debates, and good old fashioned volunteers the message will get out there, equally. Close the check books down open the front doors and get out there on the same playing field. Really what are you afraid of Congress, America finding out without the limitless spending warding off the competition you really aren’t that smart?\r\n\r\nIf there was more competition you might not be relevant? Come on step up, enact the Campaign salary cap! I know it’s easier to hide behind a commercial rather than a podium but let’s do what’s best for the land of the free home of the brave with justice for ALL!