Build a Better Butt with Dance Fitness Classes and Cardio

dance-fitness-classes\n\nWe often hear people wanting abs of steel. What about craving a better butt? Dance is a fun way to work multiple muscle groups and tone those gluteus minimus and maximus muscles into a shapely derrière. Start learning a few new steps and create a beautiful bottom. Don’t just have the moves of Beyonce but a figure to go along with it! Dance fitness classes can be your ticket to a traffic-stopping bottom.\n\nJust Get Groovin’\n\nZumba is a dance fitness class that burns calories and is incredibly fun. You will soon be able to take advantage of multiple benefits from using a dance class as your go-to for cardio. As an added benefit, take the fun out of the gym and bring the moves out to a club or to an outdoor event.\n\nBurn Calories and Tone Up\n\nDance classes like Zumba, which can give you a maximum burn of calories for the effort, can be a fun cardiovascular activity that uses multiple muscles groups at once. The average person burns 600 calories during a Zumba class. Moves like squats and thrusts are incorporated into dance routines that work your target area.\n\nMore Cardio Benefits\n\nExercise and dance improves posture and coordination. An additional benefit of all of this focus on the upper legs and butt is that the growing muscles smooth out the appearance of annoying cellulite with a higher muscle to fat ratio.\n\nNeed more reasons to dance? A study published in Circulation: Heart Failure concluded that those with cardiac conditions that danced for only 20 minutes a day, three times a week, saw their heart health improve over other forms of traditional cardiovascular exercise. In addition, dancing promotes stronger bones and helps retain motor and perceptual skills over the long term.\n\nDance is Natural and Effective\n\nEveryone is predisposed to enjoy music, though everyone has their preferences. Use your natural inclinations to motivate you to get in some daily cardio. Dance fitness classes are available at every Mountainside Fitness locations.