AZ UrbanRace

Goals. They are something we are faced with daily. From the minute we wake up: don’t hit Snooze 3 times… during our workouts: I can make it two more miles…with our children: Less TV, more reading.\r\n\r\nIt is interesting to think about how much we push ourselves daily in order to achieve a goal, no matter how big or small. It is a constant battle to achieve the feats that we dream, until we make them reality. When I heard about the opportunity to host the very first AzUrbanrace race in Arizona, I figured it would be an opportunity to test all of our goals of strength and endurance! It is a challenge that everyone can attempt and triumph.\r\n\r\nI am excited to announce that Mountainside Fitness will be the Presenting Sponsor of the 2011 AzUrbanrace, a 5k race with 10 obstacles. What better place to host the AzUrbanrace than the 5th largest city in the US? Don’t let the word “obstacle” deter you, this race is made for anyone willing to set goals and own their challenge… and the best part, no clean up! This race is unlike other races in the valley because we are not jumping on the bandwagon and having just another mud run. Save the mud for the farm animals and come back to the city!\r\n\r\nThis will be just another great event to be a part of and another reason to set goals and follow through with persistence. With all great accomplishments, it is the desire to do better… jump higher, run faster, make it further…that drives us to greatness. So I challenge you all to participate. Jump over cars, climb police barricades and hurdle traffic barriers, then have a beer or margarita or just sit and watch the Chadwicks concert.. It’s all there – You are the action film star of your life…. I will see you all out there.\r\n\r\nGood Luck!