5 Ways to Organize Your Life

\n\nNo matter what type of life your lead – whether you’re a parent, a single man on the town, a business executive, or a sports enthusiast, we all seem to need a way to organize our lives. We have apps, we have advice that we take, we even have out trusty to-do lists, but sometimes, it just seems that we can’t get ahead or feel relaxed. There’s a science to both feeling and being organized, one that requires relaxation from the start. It seems a bit of a catch-22, doesn’t it? We have to act organized in order to get organized. We have to relax in order to have less stress in our lives? The truth is, there are ways and means and since our lives are precious, relaxation and organization deserves all the attention we have to give it.\n

5 Ways to De-Stress & Get Organized


1) Relax – really.

\nIt sounds like a cliche, but until you FORCE yourself to stop working late at night and go home and relax, you will continue to feel overwhelmed. We all have to take time to take care of ourselves and do what is healthy for ourselves. Leave work at a certain time and do not open your email after 7 p.m, for example. Make yourself dinner on certain nights. Take a deep breath before you go to bed and when you get up, and then start thinking about what you have to get done that day. Keep it simple and keep the mantra of “one thing at a time.” Regrouping is always a first start towards being organized.\n

2) Evaluate Priorities

\nMany of us are bogged down with things that actually shouldn’t play a huge role in our lives. Our priorities rest in such things as sending and checking emails, answering calls, and pleasing others. In reality, we have to get what we have to get done, but what makes certain things a priority and other things not? Write a list of your priorities and label them in matter of importance from 1 to 10. Keep this list around at all times, and refer to it. It’s the first way to organize your life, from personal items to goals to what you want to accomplish at work.\n

3) Create a To-Do List Everyday

\nMany of us do this and it doesn’t help, but the idea is that when one of our daily tasks gets shoved aside, it still needs to go somewhere. Some of us are known for writing to-do lists about writing a new to-do list! This sounds crazy, but if writing it all down helps, it’s surely not. Sometimes, one of your tasks gets shoved aside but you don’t know where it’s going to fit in again and you don’t want to forget to do it. Write down a memo to create that to-do list after today’s tasks or done or the next morning. If anything, this just helps you stay on-track.\n

4) Wake Up Early

\nIt’s harder for some than it is for others. Waking up early does not come naturally to some people and it is more difficult of a habit to develop than it is for others. However, if waking up early simply means you have given yourself time to RELAX everyday, it’s worth the sacrifice. The key is to go to bed as early as possible the night before. This is hard, too, but when you start waking up early, your clock will allow you to fall asleep earlier and earlier.\n

5) Give Yourself Some Grace

\nYou cannot do it all. No one can, and no ever has, despite what you may tell yourself. We all make mistakes and let things slide when we lose track of time and focus on other things. It’s not always your fault and when it is, you just have to own it and accept it. The worst thing in the world is not happening, so give yourself some grace. You are doing your best to be organized, be relaxed and be present for others, and that is all that matters in the end. Knowing this and accepting will actually change your life and your habits – life is short, don’t let it get away from you.\n\nVisit our blog for more advice.