11 Beverages With More Calories Than Cola!

The commentary over New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban of large sugary beverages in restaurants is still largely divided. Some say cutting back on the empty calories is a smart move, while others think the plan doesn’t go far enough and still others cry foul when the government aims to control what they eat and drink.\n\nThe New York City Board of Health, however, showed unanimous support Tuesday for the ban when it voted to begin a six-week public comment period, the AP reported.\n\nThe ban would apply to drinks larger than 16 ounces, hitting back hard at some of those all-too-common, outrageously large portion sizes — but even smaller portions can carry hefty calorie counts.\n\nCola always seems to be the face of this sugary beverage enemy, but Coke and Pepsi are only the beginning. A 12-ounce can of Coca Cola clocks in at 140 calories, and the same size Pepsi has 150. But a can or bottle of these 11 sugary drinks has even more. Click through the slideshow below, and tell us in the comments what else should be added to the list.\n\nArizona Raspberry Iced Tea\n\nThese recognizable-anywhere cans are bad news: They contain 23.5 ounces, nearly three times the suggested serving size for the tea inside. With 90 calories per 8 ounces, finishing an entire can adds up to almost 270.\n\nStarbucks Bottled Mocha Frappuccino\n\nThe 9.5-ounce Starbucks to go contains 180 calories. \n\nJamba Juice Smoothies\n\nGranted, Jamba Juice All Fruit smoothies are made with much better-for-you ingredients than a can of cola. However, it’s still easy to mindlessly sip your calories when a 16-ounce size clocks in at least 210 calories.\n\nMinute Maid Lemonade\n\nA 12-ounce can of the summer favorite clocks in at 150 calories, more than a can of Coke and the same as a can of Pepsi.\n\nSnapple Apple Fruit Drink\n\nThere are 100 calories in every 8 ounces of this fruity pick, but the bottle is deceiving, since it packs 16 ounces.\n\nSunkist Orange Soda\n\nThere are 170 calories per 12-ounce can of this sweet drink.\n\nDr. Pepper\n\nA 12-ounce can clocks in at 150 calories, more than a can of Coke and the same as a can of Pepsi.\n\nDunkin’ Donuts Strawberry Coolatta\n\nEven the small size of this frozen concoction from the coffee chain is a diet danger, with 230 calories in 16 ounces.\n\nMonster Energy Drink\n\nThere are only 100 calories in 8 ounces of this pick-me-up, but who only drinks half a can? The whole thing will set you back 200 calories.\n\nNesquik Lowfat Chocolate Milk\n\nAn 8-ounce bottle of this sweet sip adds up to 170 calories. Beware of larger sizes that encourage bigger portions.\n\nBarq’s Root Beer\n\nEach 12-ounce can contains 160 calories.\n\n– Huffinton Post