How To Do The Perfect Crunch

Crunches are a common exercise that is part of a well rounded workout routine. A crunch is an abdominal exercise that targets the abs (lower abdominals) and obliques and should be performed in a series of sets.

How to do the perfect crunch in 7 steps:

1. Begin your crunch exercise by laying down on your back.

(Use an exercise mat or carpeted floor as your surface)

2. Bend your knees.

(you can also place your legs on an exercise ball as shown)

3. Place your hands behind your neck or cross your arms in front of your chest.

4. Curl your shoulders toward your pelvis and lift up toward the ceiling, without lifting the lower back off the floor.

5. Contract your abs and exhale as you go up.

6. Once your shoulders are off the floor, hold your position for a second.

7. Inhale as you slowly ease back down to your starting position.

Repeat for a full set.

For more resistance and increased difficulty, lay on a declined bench for your crunches, or hold a weight behind your head or on your chest during the crunches.

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