Core Concepts Answers Your Questions!

Your health and fitness questions, answered by Core Concepts Personal Trainers!

Who is your ideal client?

  • Personally I love a client who is willing to work hard and understands the concept that you will get out what you put in. It’s difficult to work with clients who challenge and question their trainer’s direction. I ask that my clients take a leap of faith and trust me wholeheartedly. The proof will be in the results. I also love to work with clients who embrace nutritional recommendations given to them. These are the clients who will see the most success and create great testimonials.

Are you hiring at the Peoria location on Happy Valley? (Maybe just an answer on how to apply)

What experience/education do you have to be able to work with all different types of people – body shapes, fitness goals, gym experience, etc.? And, why do you love being a personal trainer?

  • We require our trainers to be certified by a select list of Nationally Accredited Certifications or be degreed in an exercise related field such as Kinesiology, Exercise Wellness, or Exercise Science. In addition we look for our trainers to have a certain level of experience in the personal training field prior to working for us as we feel experience is the very best teacher.
  • I love being a personal trainer because I find abundant satisfaction in helping people to achieve the goals they couldn’t have otherwise achieved on their own. Being that difference maker is extremely gratifying.

How would you help someone with a thyroid condition who has a very difficult time losing weight?

  • First and foremost I would encourage the individual to see their doctor to hopefully stabilize the thyroid hormones to a healthy level prior to embarking on a weight loss journey. From there we would focus on the same three pillars as we do our other weight loss clients:  (Nutrition/Resistance/Cardio)

What’s the best way to get rid of arm flab?

  • There is no science to support spot training problem areas; meaning you can’t solely work your arms (problem area) and expect to see much of a difference (flab reduction). This also applies to men and women hoping to shed abdominal fat by doing ab exercises. With fat loss in general I would focus on nutrition and working the larger muscle groups (Legs/Back/Chest) to obtain the largest metabolic response. This will in turn allow us to maximize the amount of fat we shed throughout the body…including those flabby arms!

What exercise can I do to build the “cuts” on the waist/abdomen area?

  • The focus here should start with nutrition to first help decrease the amount of fat covering the abdomen. We all have a 6 pack but only some of us are actually lean enough to see those “cuts”. Some good exercises to develop the said muscles include hanging leg raises/Roman Chair, knees-to-elbows, and box jumps.

Is it possible to lose significant weight with very little cardio and more of a focus on weight training

  • Absolutely. If you are willing to do what’s necessary nutritionally and if you resistance train effectively, there is no reason why you can’t be highly effective sans cardio.

I eat like crazy, take two protein shakes a day, but I’m still seeing no results. I’m trying to gain weight.

  • I recommend writing down everything you eat over a 4 day period, schedule a fitness assessment with a Fitness Director, and let the expert go over your nutrition as well as your resistance training approach.

If I lift hard for 2 hours then do 40 minutes of cardio will I miss my anabolic window and possibly be going catabolic?

  •   I would first look to make your resistance training bouts shorter and more efficient. In my opinion 2 hours lifting weights is excessive. Exercise in general is catabolic and therefore following your resistance training I would recommend taking a branch chain amino acid supplement to halt the catabolic effect prior to starting your cardio.

My butt is very flat what would be good exercises to help shape it?

  • Lunges, Dead lifts, Squats, Low Back Extensions, and Box Jumps.

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