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Healthy Fats: a Breakdown

Healthy Fats: a Breakdown

We all understand that a healthy diet is an important complement to a regular workout routine.  For those interested in their overall health and well-being, exercise and learning healthy eating basics are two sides of the same coin. You may think that healthy eating just means drinking plenty of water, avoiding dessert, and eating your veggies, which is good advice, but don’t overlook incorporating healthy fats into your meals. Sometimes we think of fatty foods... Read More

5 Exercises for Great Abs

5 Exercises for Great Abs

Strengthen and define your core by engaging in exercise several days a week. The right exercises can help you burn stomach fat, build muscle, and tone your abs, while promoting better overall health. The following exercises are designed to rid your abdomen of belly fat and develop core muscles. 1. Plank Crunches Plank crunches are one of the best exercises you can do to work out your entire core, while engaging your lower back. To... Read More

Recipe: Strawberry Sorbet

Recipe: Strawberry Sorbet

With the hot summer weather almost upon us, right now is the time to think about healthy eating for teens and children. This super easy to make recipe is not only awesome on a hot day; it makes the perfect after school snack or in between meals snack. Besides the awesome flavor, the best part of this snack is that you control the amount of sugar or sweetener that goes into it. You only need... Read More

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